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A co-founder of Cyan Worlds, Robyn Miller takes your questions on Reddit's Ask Me Anything [live chat] #AMA

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Robyn Charles Miller (born August 6, 1966, in Dallas, Texas) is the co-founder of Cyan Worlds (originally Cyan) with brother Rand Miller. He served as co-designer of the popular computer game Myst, which held the title of best-selling computer game from its release in 1993 until the release of The Sims nine years later. He also co-directed and co-lead designed the sequel to Myst, Riven, which was the best-selling computer game of its year of release, 1997. Miller composed and performed the soundtracks to both games. He also acted in Myst, portraying one of the antagonists, Sirrus (with brother and Cyan-cofounder Rand appearing as Achenar and Atrus). He co-wrote the first Myst novel, The Book of Atrus.

After the release of Riven, Miller left Cyan to pursue non-game interests, including films. He is the director of the 2013 film, The Immortal Augustus Gladstone.


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19:00 UTC Dec 27, 2013